Sunday, December 6, 2009

World University of Bangladesh (WUB)

Choosing a University is one of the life’s major decisions. It determines what comes afterwards - Job, Life, and Lifestyle. Like all good things, a university degree or the award takes time to achieve.
This means that all considering higher education will want to assure themselves of two things before they set foot on a campus: firstly the university of their choice will provide the program that they require coupled with teaching of the highest standards and secondly, that it will contribute to future enhancement in the career . Considering these two criteria, the World University of Bangladesh (WUB) is deemed to be most appropriate place for students to pursue their higher education.
The World University of Bangladesh (WUB) is a private university, created under the Private University Act, 1992 (amended in 1998) & approved by the Government of Bangladesh and the University Grants Commission.
Mission of WUB
Our mission is to be recognized as a University of quality and distinction enabling students to flourish academically, personally, and socially by receiving utilitarian education at affordable cost. A rapid changing world is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s graduates.
New technologies, new working practices, and changes in tastes and fashion require graduates who are equipped with transferable skills, an excellent knowledge of their subject, and a flexible attitude. The World University of Bangladesh (WUB) offers an exciting range of programs that are continually updated to ensure that they reflect the latest developments. Strong links with industry and pioneering learning techniques are also our features.
By building the strengths of our students in knowledge and skills, and identifying their weaknesses, we will try to develop our students as an individual. Many parents say that they do not recognize the person that graduates at the end of the year(s) and that is what we will try to develop— your child different from what he/she was when he/she entered the University.
Our vision is to create leaders who will make their brain as the tiniest factories capable of making enormous contributions to economic emancipation and social well-being and help in spreading utilitarian education without undermining the national ideals and inspiration.
Education is not only the backbone of a nation but utilitarian education is the last resort of a nation to attain the quickest emancipation.
To secure developments in scientific and non-scientific fields through research.
To strive for quality in education through closed supervision in fields of study.
To ensure proper career paths for graduates in different programs through counseling.
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