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Master of Bank Management degree - Bangladesh

The Department of Business Administration offers 2-year Master of Bank Management degree. The Masters in Bank Management (MBM) Program is a professional post-graduate program for the executives of banks and not-banking financial institutions as well as professionals of micro-financial institutions and individuals who aspire to develop a dignified career in banking and other financial institutions. The World Bank recognizes the MBM Program as an appropriate study tailored for developing skills and competencies in the banking profession. The primary emphasis of the program is on the management of banks and financial institutions envisaging that the incumbents would ultimately assume the highest responsibility of running financial institutions as top-level managers. The program also prepares individuals who plan a career in government, semi-government, social sector and non-government organizations dealing with financial and credit activities.
Program Duration
24 months (6 terms each of 4 months) with 20 courses.
Entry Requirements

For admission into the MBM Program, a student must satisfy the following minimum requirements.
A Bachelor Degree from a recognized university.
Preference will be given to candidates who have professional experience in banking or non-banking financial institutions.
A candidate having a score of 500 in TOEFL and 500 in GMAT are eligible for admission without any admission test.

A student may get himself/herself admitted into the MBM Program before the commencement of each semester as per admission schedule of Northern University, Bangladesh (NUB).

Course Structure

MBM is a 2-year program consisting of 6 (six) terms with 20 courses, each term carrying 3 credit hours. Thus, the total credits of the program stand at 60. Each term is of 4 (four) month duration. The 6th term is devoted to writing a dissertation, which will be graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
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