Sunday, December 6, 2009

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) - Bangladesh

In the fast changing global business environment of the 21st century, a business graduate of today need to equip themselves with knowledge, skill and attitude necessary to succeed not only for today but for the future also. They should be able to think globally, yet manage effectively locally. They must be visionary yet be effective leaders for planning and implementing change to keep their organizations achieving continuing success. They need to make best use of the resources yet become socially responsible and environment friendly. The Faculty Our business programs are designed to meet the needs of education and training of forward-looking managers and potential managers keeping an eye on these issues and future scenario.

The Faculty of Business Administration attracts and recruits through screening students possessing high potential to become business leaders of the new millennium, engages faculty of academic brilliance and business exposure, continuously improves its state of the art curriculum and provide excellent support facilities and services. The programs provide the students opportunity for learning from vicarious experience through cases, sharpening skills through hands on learning and practice in labs and workshops, learning from simulation and business games , experiential learning through internship and project work, exposure to real world business management thorough plant visit and presentation by executives. All these help the students develop their real world business sense and decision-making skills. The Faculty also offers them opportunity to develop their leadership skill through team assignments, co-curricular activities and community services. The guidance and counseling provided by the Career Service Office and the system of mentoring by practicing executives in business prepare the graduates to secure jobs and careers of their choice.

If you have intellectual ability, inquisitive mind, willingness to work hard for learning , the right attitude and, above all , the aspiration to be a leader you are the right person for our Business Programs. We are here for our students and we shall do our best to provide all the support you need to pursue your learning and career building. So, welcome to Eastern University. more details :

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