Sunday, December 6, 2009

Faculty of Law - Bangladesh

The Department of Law offers program leading to the degrees of L.L.B (Hons). Mission: The Law Faculty's mission is to break new ground in Legal education through faculty-student collaboration, learning beyond the classroom, and a deliberate and thoughtful balance between theory and practice. Aims of the Faculty: Excellent faculty members, committed students, and a supportive environment - these are what truly define a Law Faculty. The Law Faculty of Eastern University aims at all these. It aims to house a community of teachers and students dedicated to a unified purpose of teaching, exploring, and learning the law. Curriculum Reflective of Theory and Practice: Eastern University's legal education is both theoretical and practical. The goal is to equip graduates with a solid education in the fundamentals of the law and a sound understanding of its place in our society. Eastern's Law Curriculum reflects the changing requirements of the legal profession. Outstanding Faculty Members: The particular strength of Eastern University's Law Faculty is its teaching staff, most of whom have been educated at reputed Universities of the UK and the USA. The teachers are socially involved, professionally active, competent, and caring mentors. Together, they vow to develop the students with a keen appreciation of the importance of professionalism, civility, and ethics, with the skills to be successful lawyers, and with a commitment to the idea of law as public service. A Market Place of Ideas: The Faculty of Law fosters an atmosphere in which students and faculty members can discuss and debate issues of national and international relevance. It is a place where students share ideas and challenge opinions. The Faculty offers a place to disagree, to see that there's another side of every issue, and to learn to respect difference. Multiplicity of ideas and diversity of viewpoints are critical to Law Faculty's educational mission.

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